Whether you’re selling your home or wanting to add more decorative flair, consider small improvements with little money or time spent.

The first thing you want to do is boost your curb appeal. Your home’s front entrance is crucial to first impressions. Add a new steel door or paint your existing door with a trendy new color. Round out the look with a new welcome mat, a new framed house number, a freshly painted mailbox, and planters of fresh greenery or flowers.

Regular exposure to dirt, dust, spills, and high foot traffic makes wood and carpeted floors look dull, dirty and distressed. Polish your hardwood flooring once a year or when you list your home. Weekly vacuuming can pick up topical dirt from your carpets, but it takes professional equipment and cleaning solutions to remove stains, pet odors, allergens, dust mites, and deeply embedded dirt. Your carpets will look like new and last longer, too.

Dress up your interior by installing new trim, molding and shelving. Crown molding and trim can transform a room, and it’s available already painted or you can paint it yourself. If space is an issue, add some decorative or modular shelving to an unused blank wall or cut out some drywall to make a recessed area for displays of books or collectibles. It will eliminate clutter from your tabletops and make your home appear larger.

Last, replace outdated, yellowed outlet and light switch covers with upgraded plates in bronze or a modern ceramic