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Meet the MARCUMsold Team

Founded in 2017 by Amanda Stepp Marcum, the MARCUMsold Tea, has taken over the real estate industry of Richmond and Madison County Kentucky. Creating a 'New Standard in Real Estate' has been their goal from the beginning and it has taken hard work to get there. 

Founded in 2017 by Amanda Marcum, the MARCUMsold Team has taken over the real estate industry of Richmond, Kentucky. Creating the new standard in real estate has been their goal, and it has taken hard work to get there. The strict set of values at the MARCUMsold Team, coupled with their agent requirements, have created outstanding results for their clients. Among their values are honesty, professionalism, loyalty, innovation, and service. While most of these values speak for themselves, it doesn't diminish their intensity with the team. MARCUMsold Team believes honesty means telling the client what they may not want to hear at times. They believe professionalism is taking the high road in every situation, and loyalty is their unshakeable dedication to putting their clients in the best spot possible. Innovation in transactions is learning how to serve better and is what moves business forward. Service is giving back inside and outside the real estate business, an overarching theme in Amanda's career and life. The MARCUMsold Team has six go-getting team members and is always looking to grow with like-minded people. They are #1 in their market and they have it in their sights to stay there. With their team locked in on their values and consistently putting their clients first, the MARCUMsold Team is looking to have their best year yet!

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Our Mission Statement

The #MARCUMsold Team's mission is to provide a level of service that sets a new standard based on consistently innovating our marketing and customer service, educating our agents and providing the highest level of honesty and integrity. Since 2007, the clients of the MARCUMsold Team have grown to become more than just clients but family as well. "A close personal working relationship built on trust and professionalism is what we strive to accomplish with each home sold!"- Amanda, Founder/Owner

Core Values

Honesty, Professionalism, Loyalty, Innovation, Service

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