The #MARCUMsold Show: Episode 21, Pressure Washing with James Brockman

We are here with another awesome episode of The #MARCUMsold Show! We are here with James Brockman, who owns Central Kentucky Pressure Washing. He is going to share with us things we have never even known about pressure washing. So our first question for James is what all can you pressure wash and clean on your home? You can clean stucco, vinyl, aluminum gutter, composite decking, wood decking and of course concrete. Secondly what are the benefits of having those parts of your home pressure washed? As far as concrete it keeps it clean but we also apply a sealant on it which gets down into the pores and keeps the water out. Our last question for James is how long will it last? Well that depends on a couple things such as the weather, how much rain we get, whether you house gets full sun or you have a lot of trees around you. Ready to have you home bright and shiny? James will come out and give you a free estimate at no obligation. To contact Central Kentucky Pressure Washing for your free estimate call 859-986-1235.

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