🏡Today's Random Real Estate 2️⃣cent Tuesday video is about why buyers need to be Pre-approved by a lender. 

📌You have to be able to come up with money to buy a house. A lending institution is the money gatekeepers. 

📌Talking with a lender allows you to see if you are even capable of getting a loan or if you need to work on somethings to put yourself on track toward homeownership. 

📌Lenders help figure out what lending products you qualify for and will work best for what you are wanting. 

- Some houses will not qualify for certain loan types. When the realtor knows what loan you have they help weed out properties that won’t work. 

📌Being Pre-approved allows you to act fast in a hyper market. 

📌Your monthly payment has extra factors like insurance and property taxes. 

Take my 2️⃣cent and help make the buying process start out smooth. Get yourself one step closer to homeowner status with pre-qualification!