🏡Today's Random Real Estate 2️⃣cents Tuesday is about sellers disclosures. 

This is an extremely important document that is beneficial for both the buyer and seller. 

A seller needs to fill this 4 page (in Kentucky) document out as throughly and honestly as possible. It’s the law!  ⚖️It will help provide valuable information to possible buyers. Also if you provide detailed information in this document and disclose probable items, when they are red 🚩flagged during the buyers home inspection the buyers are not to ask for it’s repair. 🛠

Buyers, the sellers disclosure is a great place to look at for possible issues. 💸Reading it over carefully with your agent 👩🏼‍💻and having all due inspections will help provide less complications in the future. 

💵Cash in on my 2️⃣cents by disclosing all info about your home 🏡 to help provide a smooth transaction with your home buyer.