Being a👩🏻‍🍳host on Thanksgiving can be stressful but being prepared and not taking things too seriously can help alleviate the pressure. Here are a few things that help me with this fun filled busy day. 

📌 Stop at the dollar store and pick up platters and utensils.🍽 You can throw them out at the end of the day to help with  clean up. 

📌Have activities available and set up for the kids. Puzzles, coloring books, or check out Pinterest for great ideas🎨

📌 If you are having a larger gathering pull out your coolers to keep your beverages in. This helps with saving refrigerator space for all the food stuff. 

📌Use a 12lbs no thaw Jennie-o 🦃Turkey for small gatherings. I’ve used one for 3 years and it turns out amazing every time. If you are heading toward the traditional cooking route for the turkey try using bacon to cover instead of cheesecloth🥓

📌Do all your prep work and cutting a day or two prior. Setting up your table and chopping all your veggies early will help keep stress at bay🥒

📌Use the crockpot for as many of your side dishes as possible 🥘

💵Cash in on my 2️⃣cents and be prepared for a smoother and less stressful turkey 🦃 day!

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