🏡Today's Random Real Estate 2️⃣cents Tuesday topic is about open houses. Why do Realtors do open houses and why you should spend your Sunday’s going to them. 

☀️Listing agents have open houses hoping to get a large number of potential buyers through the home at one time. 

☀️Buyers agent host open houses in hopes to find new clients and gain rapport. 

☀️An open house is a great non formal way to check out home inventory.

☀️If you are not ready to purchase, by this I mean you have not been pre-approved by a lender, an open house is how you should be viewing a home. 

☀️Registering or signing in is not a scary thing. Yes, you need to do it! If you do not want to be contacted in the future or you already have an agent write that on there. No big deal. 

Cash in on my 2️⃣cents this Sunday by getting out in your community and checking all the awesome 😎 open houses in your area!