When you are dreaming of moving to a new home but not yet ready to make the leap into your future, it’s a good idea to consider the details of what that future life will look like. As you get closer to starting the process, you should have a well-rounded idea of your wants and needs for that home. Setting expectations for yourself ahead of time will help you narrow down the search once you are ready to take the leap to purchase a new home. 

So, what will your life in your new home be like? Here are 7 features to kickstart your imagination.

Budget First

Before you start looking, have an ideal price range in mind so you do not end up falling in love with a home you cannot afford. Leave room for money you may put into renovations and personalization's to the house as well. You'll need to get pre-approved for a mortgage before starting your search so that when you find the home, you want you can take action right away. Whatever your budget, keep it in mind throughout your house hunt. If you have to sell your home before you buy a new one, you'll want to consider your equity as well. 

Location, Location, Location! 

The location should be one of the top features when looking for a home, as it is the one thing you cannot change. It is important to consider not only the town or city but also the neighborhood and its proximity to your frequented spots. 

Downtown -  Is it essential for you to be within walking distance of the nightlife and local restaurants, or do you prefer a quiet street removed from the activity?

Schools - If you have children, you will want to pay attention to schools in the area, your future home’s proximity to them, and the school district's quality. 

Commute - Think about the length of your commute and the mode of transportation you will be taking; will you need to be close to a train station or the highway? Or if you work from home, you'll want to consider the space you'll need for that.

Community - Take note of the type of community and what it has to offer, including parks, beaches, lakes, organizations, and anything else you need to thrive.

You should love the place you live in, so whether you want to be nestled in nature or right in the middle of the activity, find a location that makes you excited to move there. 

Home Exterior 

You should consider the home exterior the same way you would choose what outfit to wear for an average of 8.05 years. It’s the first thing others, and yourself will see when arriving at your home. From Colonial style to ranch or cottage style, think about what design you want your home to present to the world. Once you have a general idea of what exterior style you want to go for, you can start brainstorming the details. This can include paint color, window frames, and if you want to have shutters. Take some time to look at options at your local home improvement store, so you can later recognize them when looking at homes. Finally, you will want to consider what is around the exterior of the home. This will affect your home’s curb appeal, which is the overall attractiveness of the property when viewed from the street. This will contribute to the personality of your home and will also be important in the long run if you ever decide to put that home up for sale.