When you're on your own buying or selling, you're missing out on some of the biggest perks of working with a real estate brokerage; agency. Our clients gain some big advantages over those trying to do so on their own. But how do we protect our clients' interests? Here are 6 Ways We Protect Our Clients' Interests.


Negotiating Terms. 

First, we're going to negotiate favourable terms on your behalf. We know how to haggle and we're not afraid to do it. Our number one priority is always getting the best possible outcome for our clients. 


You might be thinking, "I can negotiate my own terms. I'm a big boy or girl." But, unless you've had extensive training or experience in negotiation, and understand the countless details in a real estate transaction, it's unlikely you'll be able to match our skills. We've spent years, both learning theory, and gaining real experience in how to get you the best possible deal. And we'll be honest and fair with you no matter what. 


Maintaining Confidentiality. 

We understand that our client's circumstances aren't meant to be broadcast to the world, and especially not to other parties. Giving away certain details about your situation can empower the other parties, be it buyers or sellers, to gain a negotiation advantage over you. 


You can be confident that we will never reveal any information about you to anyone without your express desire and permission. 


Disclosing Key Info to You. 

Our job is to empower our clients with both more than sufficient information and skillful advice, because, ultimately, you will be making decisions on the actions we take. 


One thing we guarantee is to disclose any relevant knowledge we unearth about the situation of buyers if you're the seller, and sellers if you're the buyer. You will be able to discuss the info 

Acting On Your Behalf. 

Another important thing is that we’re here to act on your behalf. We know one of the best ways to protect our clients is by acting on their behalf in all deals, offers, negotiations, sales, and marketing. 


By entering into an agency relationship with us, you gain the power of a team who does the heavy lifting for you, while keeping you protected. This allows us to stay focused on achieving your goals while you focus on other important things in your life. 


Obeying Instructions 

If legal, we always obey our clients' wishes and instructions to the letter. You ultimately have the say in details like how much to list your home for, or how much to offer on a home, or when to accept or decline an offer. 


Our job is to provide you with expert advice and market knowledge, but ultimately the decisions are yours to make. We will always follow your wishes and instructions, provided they are legal and ethical. 


Performing Our Mandate

We also make sure that we fulfill our contractual mandate. This includes things like making sure the property is marketed properly, that all offers are brought to you in a timely fashion, and that the paperwork is completed correctly.


We understand that buying or selling a home is a big decision, and we take our role in the process very seriously.