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My Top 5 Kitchen Remodel Tips

Amanda Marcum

From waiting tables to becoming an award-winning real estate broker, Amanda Marcum has built her successful career from the ground up...

From waiting tables to becoming an award-winning real estate broker, Amanda Marcum has built her successful career from the ground up...

Feb 19 3 minutes read

Remodeling your kitchen is an exciting new venture!  But it can also be incredibly nerve-racking.  We want to help ensure that  your process is easy, not-too expensive, and very successful!  A kitchen renovation is also an investment that can last you for years to come and may even increase the overall value of your home.  Here are my top 5 tips for your kitchen remodel!

1.  Establish a budget.

You really shouldn’t begin any home project (or home search) without establishing a strict budget.  But I’ll tell you, it’s VERY easy to be tempted when designing a new kitchen!  There are just so many cool space savers, new technology, and high-end appliances that might have you handing over every credit card in your wallet.  So keep yourself in check by starting out with a good idea of what you can spend.

2.  Hire a kitchen design expert. 

Even if you love a good DIY project, it’s smart to speak to a kitchen design expert before you dive in. A professional will be able to help fine-tune your remodel plan, offer tips and advice, and maybe even recommend some ideas you hadn't already considered. They’ll also spot common mistakes such as not being able to open refrigerator or cabinet doors all the way.

3.  Think about your kitchen flow.

As you plan the kitchen of your dreams, think through your day-to-day.  The sink, stove, and refrigerator are your busiest areas, so make sure to configure these are efficient for your workflow and are near each other.  Your design expert might call this your “work triangle”.  A couple of feet really make a difference when you’re constantly going between areas.

4.  Plan the function of your island.

When it comes to kitchen islands, form follows function. If you want to cook and eat on kitchen islands, plan enough space so the cooktop is safely separated from the dining area. A great way to do this is to try out an island before committing to one. Easily put together a full-scale model out of cardboard or plywood and live with it for a few days - you’ll know what you want and don’t want by the end of the experiment!

5.  Select your appliances first.

Starting with your appliances might not be incredibly intuitive, but it will end up being easier for you.  It’s much easier to design and choose cabinets and countertops to fit your appliances than the other way around.  And remember that not all appliances are a standard size.  Bringing your selections to your kitchen designer will help the remodel go smoothly.

We’d love to help you sell your home this holiday season! Contact us to get started! 

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