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Kelli’s 2️⃣cent Tuesday

Episode 26📸🌅🤗

First impression is 🔑 key when listing your home. If your home has great pictures my clients gain excitement and can’t wait to view it. If you only have a few pictures available for viewing either they are going to keep scrolling or they will contact me to get more pictures for them to view. So save yourself the hassle and just upload a bunch from the start.


📸- Hire a photographer if you can

🖼 - Post a bunch of pictures of the property 

💡- Lighting makes a major difference 

🚽- Close the toilet lid, make your bed, pick up clothes out of the floor

🗿- Keep your image out of the mirrors in the pictures

💵Cash in on my 2️⃣cents & show off your fabulous house with great pictures!

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Kelli’s 2️⃣cent Tuesday - Episode 26📸🌅🤗

Kelli Hunt

Kelli Hunt grew up on a small farm in Wisconsin...

Kelli Hunt grew up on a small farm in Wisconsin...

Oct 30 2 minutes read

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