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2️⃣cent Tuesday

Episode 25⛳️🏌🏼‍♀️🏡

Somethings to think about when considering a home purchase on or near a golf course: 

🏌🏼‍♀️Flying golf balls:

An airborne golf ball landing on you, your car or your home is a possibility. Your homeowner and auto insurance typically covers damage. Sometimes paying out of pocket can be less expensive than paying a deductible. As for your own personal protection to consider I guess you can check out where it is in relation to the course and maybe come up with the probability of it happening or wear a helmet ⛑ when hanging out outside. JK ☺️


Pay attention to the house location in relation to the course layout. Things can get noisy if the home is very close to the course. On a positive note, unless the course has lights, golfers can’t golf after dark. Therefore, you’ll be able to enjoy quiet evenings on your deck or patio.

🏌🏻‍♀Landscaping and Neighbor Property: 

⛳️Golf courses are known for their lush and well maintained greens. Also it’s common for golf communities to be regulated by a HOA. These restrictions are a blessing to some. Check out their rules and restrictions to see if they are doable or too stringent for your taste.

Cash in on my 2️⃣cents and see if golf course living is for you!

Kelli Hunt - Full Time Buyer’s Agent/Realtor®

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