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Kelli’s2️⃣cent Tuesday 

Episode 24💪🏻🌳🥀

🏡Today's Random Real Estate 2️⃣cents Tuesday is about getting your landscaping in order. 

Fall 🍂is my favorite time of the year to take care of our landscaping needs. The big box stores discount their plants and materials to make room for the next seasons merchandise. Also some stores have a one-year warranty for their plants that are not annuals. 🌳🌿🌲If for some reason they don’t make it through the winter, come spring dig them up and take them back to the store to get your money back. FYI - Most annual plants are covered under normal return policies 30-90days. (Check your stores policy before purchase)

💵Cash in on my 2️⃣cents by getting your landscape in check!

Kelli Hunt  - Full Time Buyer’s Agent/Realtor®

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Kelli’s 2️⃣cent Tuesday- Episode 24💪🏻🌳🥀

Kelli Hunt

Kelli Hunt grew up on a small farm in Wisconsin...

Kelli Hunt grew up on a small farm in Wisconsin...

Oct 16 1 minutes read
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