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How to Reduce Clutter in Your Home: Your Home Cleanse for the New Year!

Amanda Marcum

From waiting tables to becoming an award-winning real estate broker, Amanda Marcum has built her successful career from the ground up...

From waiting tables to becoming an award-winning real estate broker, Amanda Marcum has built her successful career from the ground up...

Dec 26 5 minutes read

We’ve all heard it: if it doesn’t bring you joy, get rid of it!  But if you’re not quite ready to totally Marie Kondo your entire home, here are 10 simple things you can do to de-clutter your home and start fresh in the new year.

Implement a trial period

For me, this is the best idea to take that first step towards less clutter. Much like you have to do when you’re getting ready to sell your house, look around and only keep the things you use on a daily basis. It’s amazing how many things you keep around “just in case”.  You’ll come to realize that you might not need, want, or really love any of those things. If there’s something you’re hesitant about getting rid of, consider storing it in a special place for a specific time period. If you haven’t needed it by the end of that time, sell or donate it.

One thing in, One thing out

This one is on almost every de-clutter list, but with good reason.  It is THE best way to ensure you don’t end up bringing home so much stuff you clutter up your home and your life.  Adopt the principle that if you bring one thing home, you have to take one thing out. (New shirt?  Get rid of the one you SWEAR you’ll wear again - but we know you won’t!) Put the items you no longer want/need in a box or bag, and when it gets full either donate the items or save the box for your yard sale.

Say adios to unused items and things you “might” use

You know you have these.  We all do!  Those products that were either given as a gift, bought on sale, or just on a whim.  How often do you REALLY use that ice cream maker?  If you haven’t used in in over a year, it’s probably not something you absolutely need in your home.

Designate a place for essentials

We all need a little place to throw the things we use everyday like keys, sunglasses, wallets, and phones!  Instead of having these scattered all around your house, designate a drawer or an attractive tray as the ideal spot to toss your daily essentials.

Unsubscribe from mail lists

Removing yourself from mail lists will not only save you from having the clutter laying around your home, but it will cut down on waste in general.  Here’s to helping ourselves AND the environment!  Each time you receive a piece of junk mail over the next six months, remove yourself from that mail list.  You definitely won’t miss it.

Don’t buy anything that you’ll only use once

We all love a good DIY project!  But many of those require special tools and equipment.  Instead of buying your own item that you’ll only use once, consider hitting up your friends to borrow one or even check out the local rental shop. Same goes with small appliances like sewing machines or that ice cream maker!  You probably have friends that haven’t yet committed to de-cluttering.

Have a yard sale

Once you’ve gone through all of the de-cluttering steps, you’ll find yourself with many items to get rid of.  Well, there is most likely someone out there who will want to buy it!  Have a fun yard sale, then donate everything that hasn’t sold by the end.  Tip: grab bags are a great seller at yard sales! Put out your extra plastic or paper grocery bags, set a bunch of your items to sell on an old sheet on the ground with a sign that says “Fill your bag with these items for $5 a bag!”  Never fails to sell out.

Keep an ongoing donation box

If a yard sale isn’t your thing and you don’t want to throw discarded items in the trash, keep a box in your garage that you and family members can place things that you no longer want.  When the box is full, just drop it off at a donation center.  This will encourage you to continue your de-cluttering and help your community as well.

Stop Shopping 😬

Oh I know.  This one sounds just awful. But just hear me out.  We shop when we’re stressed, bored, and just for fun.  For a period of time, restrict shopping to a necessity.  Only shop for what you need.  Keep a list of what you need and stick to it.  Use online ordering and pickup for groceries so you don’t get sidetracked and tempted to get other things while wandering the store!

Speed-Clean for the Ultimate Clutter Control

Never wake up to a messy house again! take just 10 - 15 minutes each night to pick up toys on the floor and put them into baskets, straighten up the couch, wipe down the kitchen counters and load and start the dishwasher.  By doing this, nothing gets out of control and overwhelming, and you can wake up stress-free.

Here’s to a clutter-free fresh start to the new year!

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