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Why Who You Work With Matters

If you know me personally, you know that we move a lot. Like every couple years! Different cities meant different realtors and lenders throughout the process. The ones that are most memorable? The times when things didn’t go smoothly. Sometimes things go wrong and when they do, who you work with matters! 

I recently had clients, an adorable couple with young kids, that were ready to buy their first home. Upfront, they told me they had already been pre-approved and they knew their budget. They were doing everything right. Except…that lender was an out of town company they found on the internet. As a realtor, that was a red flag. Out of town lenders usually mean problems, but they were happy with this company so far and they were out of Louisville (not too far away, they reasoned) so the transaction continued . 

My folks, the Reams, looked at quite a few houses, missed out on a few because of this crazy market, but finally found their dream home. It had room for their boys, a large yard for them to play in, and view of cows and farmland. Everything was moving along fine, but then the lender started asking for paperwork to be re-signed and our closing date started getting pushed-three times in one week! I started asking questions of the lender and was having a hard time getting straight answers. We were days away from closing (so we thought) and they wanted to start the loan process over again! They said they could no longer offer them the loan they pre-approved them for. Now, this was no fault of my buyers! They were upfront with all information and gave the lender everything they asked for. The lender just didn’t do their job. This lender went so far as to lie, falsify documents (yes, that’s mortgage fraud!), and shift the blame to everyone but themselves. It was a mess! We were all, the buyers, the sellers, and the agents, starting to get nervous that this whole thing was never going to happen. What most people don’t realize, is that this would have created a chain reaction. The buyers lose the home they want, the sellers now don’t have the funds to buy the house they were supposed to close on in another state, and the sellers of that house lose their sale, etc. 

Fortunately, I knew a great LOCAL lender that was able to come in, start from scratch, and get a clear to close in 13 days! For a VA loan (yes, Mr. Reams was a veteran who served his country in the Army) that is almost a miracle. To give a little perspective, they had been working with their previous lender since April, and with them on this home specifically, since early May. It was mid June when everything fell apart. We can’t thank Adam Hires with Sierra Pacific Mortgage enough for all the hard work and effort he went through to help these folks. 

When I became a real estate agent, one of the biggest reasons was to help people find the perfect home for them, but I also want them to be able to do that as easy as possible. I don’t want that process to be memorable for the wrong reasons. I work hard everyday for my clients so they can say, “Wow! That was so easy. Why did we wait so long to do this?” Making sure I am aware of those red flags, having quick, efficient solutions, and knowing who to call is a huge part of my job, not just “opening doors”. Plus, with my team you don’t just get me, you get 4 other agents, a transaction coordinator, and an operations manager! And let me assure you, they are all devoted to going above and beyond to make sure ALL of our clients are taken care of and happy. 

If you have had a negative experience in some way while buying, selling, or searching for a home, I apologize. It doesn’t have to be that way! If you are nervous because you are a first time home buyer and the whole process feels intimidating and a little scary, it doesn’t have to!  I would love for the chance to show you what the MarcumSold Team does best: find you the home of your dreams and make the process as smooth as possible. Benefit from our experience and expertise and let me represent you for one of the biggest transactions of your life! If you would like to chat, my number is (859) 536-7926 and I’m always available to help!

Here is what my client, Ms. Reams, had to say after this transaction was over:

"We have loved working with Cortney. From the beginning she has been honest, kind and patient with us. She came prepared to every showing and was available to us anytime we needed her. Cortney was determined to show us the perfect home for our family and she did! Being first time home buyers, Cortney saved us from disastrous situations with her knowledge and networking skills. We are so happy with our choice to work with her."

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