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Beyond the Back Door with Cortney Episode 3

Hello everyone! This week I am back to show you how to test your pool water and prove that it's nothing to be scared of. One thing I always hear is that people are intimidated about taking care of a pool because of keeping the water clear. I am here to let you know that it's EASY! Getting into a weekly routine will and checking the water with a test strip will take 30 seconds. Then adjust accordingly. If that scares you, most local pool stores will do testing for free! Just take them a small sample of water and they can run it through a computer and tell you exactly what to add. The most important thing I can tell you is to be proactive! Making small adjustments as needed every couple weeks will help prevent your water from getting out of balance and turning cloudy or green.

Balanced water is also going to be much more comfortable for you and your guests to swim in. If you have ever gotten in a pool and felt itchy, gotten a rash, or your eyes burned that is probably due to unbalanced water, not excess chlorine like most people assume. 

The other benefit to balanced water is your pool and all its parts-liner, hoses, gaskets, motors, etc. are going to work better and last longer. Pool liners are expensive! Make sure yours lasts as long as possible. Water that is unbalanced will cause a brittle liner that is prone to wrinkles or holes and your gaskets will break down and lead to leaks. 

Proactively taking care of your pool every couple of weeks will save yourself time and money by preventing bigger problems. Also, reach out to your local pools stores. They can help you and answer any questions in depth and can even create a plan based on your pool.

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