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5 Survival Tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Amanda Marcum

From waiting tables to becoming an award-winning real estate broker, Amanda Marcum has built her successful career from the ground up...

From waiting tables to becoming an award-winning real estate broker, Amanda Marcum has built her successful career from the ground up...

Nov 27 4 minutes read

Is the thought of heading out on Black Friday to grab those crazy deals making you anxious?  Or are you second guessing all of the Cyber Monday deals you’ll encounter?  Us too!  So we put together this survival guide for you this year to help you navigate the amazing but crazy holiday shopping adventure.  Follow these tips and you will come out unscathed and with your gift list checked off.  And maybe find a great deal on a gift for yourself - if you ask us, that one’s a must!

1. Do your research

Make sure to do your homework and look through Black Friday and Cyber Monday ads in advance and compare the advertised prices and promotions. Many stores will price match on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so it’s worth checking out if you’re debating between several stores. There’s even a Black Friday calculator!  You put in the deal information and it will tell you if it’s a good buy.

2. Make a list and a budget

Winging it without making a list and a budget is just asking for trouble!  Shopping chaos and debt, to be more specific. Your list should include what you plan to get each person and how much it will cost. Impulse shopping can bust your budget, so stick to your list.  It’s so easy to get sidetracked with all of the bargains you’ll see.  Without a list, you may find yourself buying all sorts of things you don’t need just because of the deals.

Go French Yourself  has a free downloadable gift list with budget included to help you out, or use your favorite app like Evernote so you always have your list with you!

3. Use price matcher apps and extensions

There are TONS of apps and browser extensions out there that can help you find the best deals this year!  Here are some of our faves:

Flipp will save you time sorting through all those paper Black Friday ads.

Shopsavvy  helps you find the best deals by scanning in product bar codes and then automatically compare the price to other local stores and online retailers.

PriceBlink  is a browser extension that will not only find coupon codes for you while you shop, it will also compare prices at other stores.

If you’re planning to shop at a specific store, you may want to download their app as they often have member only deals!

4. Strategically abandon your cart

If deals aren’t popping up at your fave online store, try putting items in your cart, then closing out of your browser without buying anything and wait a few hours. Abandon your cart!  We know it sounds risky, but in a couple of hours, you might get an email from the store saying “We noticed you left a few things in your cart. Here’s a 10% off coupon on us to help you check out.” Keep in mind that you need to be logged in for this to work.

5. Follow your favorite brands on social media

One of the best places to find special sales and friends and family codes is on your favorite retailer’s Instagram, Facebook or Twitter accounts! And this time of year they even give out doorbuster codes to their loyal followers. So watch those posts to save some money!

Ok, so are you ready to tackle your list? Good luck and happy shopping!

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