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5 Curb Appeal Tips for Spring

Amanda Marcum

From waiting tables to becoming an award-winning real estate broker, Amanda Marcum has built her successful career from the ground up...

From waiting tables to becoming an award-winning real estate broker, Amanda Marcum has built her successful career from the ground up...

Jan 9 3 minutes read

Spring is just around the corner (really, it is!), and it’s time to start preparing to make the most of your home’s exterior.  Whether you’re thinking of selling your house, or just want to love driving up to your home, these tips will give your house a mini-makeover!

1.  Add pots of flowers and revamp your lawn and flower beds

Potted flowers are beautiful very easy! Grab 3-5 pots of various sizes and arrange together full of blooming flowers on your porch or patio. If you have grass, early spring is a good time to reseed or add sod if it looks like it’s coming back patchy. Put fresh mulch in your flower beds to give them a new look.

2. Create a little outdoor living in your front yard

Whether it’s an outdoor fire pit or just a bench with pots of flowers on either side, creating a space to hang out in your front yard will make your home look incredibly inviting.  We usually only think to add these features to our backyards, but having them in front is wonderful curb appeal.  And you just might meet more of your neighbors!

3. Enhance your front door

Your front door is the focus point of your home’s exterior — make it interesting by painting it a rich pop of color! If color isn’t your thing, you can update the door hardware or add a new knocker. Welcome in Spring by hanging a gorgeous floral wreath.

4. Upgrade your night lighting

Isn’t it interesting how everything looks more welcoming at night?  By creating a front porch that’s well-lit, your home is welcoming to come home to, the porch is more fun to hang out on, and it makes the space look bigger. Tip: If your porch has a single overhead fixture, think about adding a pair of sconce lights flanking the door.  And don’t forget landscape lighting.  A well lit walkway will welcome you and your visitors to your home.

5. Check the condition of the roof, clean windows and siding

After the harsh weather of winter, it’s time to take stock and spruce up!  Check your roof for spacing or curling at the edges of shingles or crumbling parts, and if you see them, it’s time to have a pro roofer take a look. Rent or borrow a power washer to give your siding a new look for spring, and don’t forget about the windows - your home will sparkle with fresh clean windows!

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