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10 Thanksgiving Hacks for a Stress Free Holiday

Amanda Marcum

From waiting tables to becoming an award-winning real estate broker, Amanda Marcum has built her successful career from the ground up...

From waiting tables to becoming an award-winning real estate broker, Amanda Marcum has built her successful career from the ground up...

Nov 21 4 minutes read

We know.  It’s SO easy to get stressed out during the holidays - especially when you’re hosting Thanksgiving.  We’ve got you!  Here are some Thanksgiving hacks that will make hosting Thanksgiving at your home so much easier and less stressful, so you can actually enjoy your friends and family.

1. Use white plates

White plates are one of the best entertaining secrets. Food looks fabulous on white plates, and the neutral color is easy to mix and match with your favorite holiday table settings. Your food creations will stand out on the clean white dishes!

2. Make it a team effort

Offering to host Thanksgiving doesn’t mean you have to make ALL of the dishes. Delegate drinks, apps, sides, and desserts to family and friends to cut down on work and on the cost. This will also help guests feel more a part of the event!

3. Go with a store bought crust

One thing you can absolutely go with the store bought version?  The pie crust. Just unwrap and fill—no one has to know you didn't make the base of the pie yourself! This will save you so much time.

4. Follow this alcohol cheat sheet for amounts

You don’t want to buy too much - or even worse not enough!  And the price tag on alcohol really does add up quickly.

The hostess with the mostess (Martha Stewart, of course) has the following suggestions:

Wine - One bottle per two people per hour

Beer - Two per person per hour

Spirits - One bottle per five people per hour

Mixers - Three bottles per each bottle of alcohol

Ice - At least one pound per person per hour

5. Save space by serving dinner buffet style

Table space is sacred.  You don’t want your guests to feel claustrophobic while eating your beautifully prepared Thanksgiving dinner!  Solve this issue by serving a buffet style dinner.

6. Make your stuffing personal in a muffin pan

This one is a win/win.  It’s super easy for you to make, and so easy for guests to serve themselves.  And this way no one is fighting about someone taking all the stuffing!  Try this fab recipe this Thanksgiving.

7. Let your guests play bartender

As the host, you don’t have to do everything!  Set up a well-stocked bar cart and let your friends and family do the rest.

8. Make a huge pumpkin pan pie

Does your family LOVE pumpkin pie?  Or just pie in general?  Instead of making lots of time consuming round pies, why not make your traditional pumpkin pie go even further by baking one extra-large version with double the portions?  

9. Make the table for making memories

Cover your table in kraft paper, put out some crayons, and let your guests (adults AND kids) draw or write something they are thankful for this season.  You can cut out the special ones and toss the rest!

And lastly…

10. Take some ME time before guests arrive

It’s so important to get a bit of time by yourself to decompress before the chaos ensues!  Take a walk or “run an errand” - no one is going to question the host!

We hope you all have a wonderful and stress-free Thanksgiving this year!

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